February 16, 2020

10 - Non-Intrusive Home Monitoring with John Robertson of HomeEXCEPT

In today’s episode, Sherri and Carrie are hosting John Robertson, CEO and founder of Home Except. He introduces himself and informs us that he spent his career in business. He went into consulting in Halifax and progressively realized the challenges happening around senior care. He shares with us his turning point and how he started.

According to John, Home Except technology came in as a solution to respect the dignity and privacy of seniors at home while providing peace of mind to their older children. He answers questions about the mode of operation by explaining that the system uses ambient sensors to take in information, combine it with artificial intelligence, understand what’s usually happening, and then gives something called pattern of life. Eventually, when that pattern is interrupted, Home Except informs whoever is monitoring allowing them to take appropriate forms of action.

We hear about more elaborate uses of Home Except, which works not only for seniors, but also for people with disabilities or mental health issues. He explains to the listeners how it’s built, its versatility, different options, and its ease of accessibility and usage.

Talking about its placement in short term rental properties, John ensures that the sensors don’t breach any privacy terms but can still be extremely useful in enforcing conditions related to prohibiting parties in rentals like AirBnB. Due to its prevailing benefits, especially for insurance companies, John expects that the Home Except system might become a requirement in all houses.

John recommends that people subscribe to Home Except news teller to find more information and stay updated.

Website: https://www.homeexcept.com/

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