February 18, 2019

09 - Temma Frecker from The Booker School in Port Williams

Today’s guest is Temma Frecker, a teacher at The Booker School in Port Williams. Temma and her husband have taught around the world but when they wanted to settle down, they saw that the Annapolis Valley had everything that they were looking for.

Temma first talks about how the house that she and her husband found in Port Williams is their dream home. Her major in university was international development studies, which led her down an atypical path to becoming a teacher. We then hear about the modern way that The Booker School teaches its students and a recent lesson where the students learned about tough realities. Temma instructs a cooking program after school once a week, so she shares what this is like and information about other unique activities at the school. She taught an award-winning program last year about understanding different historical perspectives and discusses what it involved, including the media attention that it received. To finish the episode, Temma provides advice for anyone who is aspiring to become a teacher.


Covered topics:

- Temma’s background.

- The best attributes of living in the Annapolis Valley.

- Weather concerns that people have about the valley and the whole province of Nova Scotia.

- How Temma became a teacher and why she chose to work at The Booker School.

- What makes The Booker School different compared to others.

- An upcoming project at the school about eating healthy and sustainable food.

- Educational topics focused on in the cooking class that Temma teaches.

- The Governor General’s History Award for Teaching Excellence.

- The press coverage generated from the history project.

- Words of wisdom for people who would like to become teachers.





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