December 1, 2018

08 - East Coast Pop Up Weddings

Our guest today is Sarah Anderson, owner of East Coast Pop Up Weddings. Sarah grew up in Lower Sackville but always wanted to live in the Annapolis Valley, which she now does.

Sarah describes what East Coast Pop Up Weddings does and says that it’s for people who don’t want to deal with the stresses of planning a wedding. We hear about what Sarah talks about with customers who want to wed and the appeal of a pop up wedding. She has been a justice of the peace for years, and seeing people have smaller weddings was one of the reasons she wanted to start this business. Sarah speaks to why people prefer a pop up wedding, including eliminating the time it takes to plan a wedding while still maintaining the significance of the day. She also shares the places in the valley that people have gotten married at and advice for brides-to-be.

 Covered topics:

- Sarah’s background and what East Coast Pop Up Weddings is.

- The process of setting up a wedding through Sarah.

- What motivation Sarah had to start this business.

- How starting a business in the Annapolis Valley has been.

- Advantages of having a pop up wedding.

- Locations that couples choose to have their wedding.

- Advice for people thinking about having a wedding.


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