August 1, 2018

06 - Kentville Mayor Sandra Snow

Kentville mayor Sandra Snow joins us this episode and she’s bursting with excitement to talk about all the latest happenings within the town of Kentville.

Mayor Snow shares the story of how she first became involved with Kentville town council and eventually landed the role she’s in today. There’s lots happening in Kentville, and we’ll hear about some of the upcoming activities for residents, along with some great information for those considering moving to the area. Since January, 22 new businesses have opened in Kentville! With more young families and children living in Kentville, the future is bright! Sandra is super involved with the town and loves helping to make Kentville a great place to live.

Topics covered:

- What motivated Sandra to pursue the position of Kentville mayor.

- New business growth in Kentville, and shifting of other businesses who are moving towards a retail aspect.

- Specifics on some new businesses which have opened in Kentville, and others which are coming soon.

- The areas of Kentville that are seeing growth, such as children and young families.

- Kentville’s slogan.

- Dog park for Kentville?

- Other developments and possible developments being led by citizens, including an update on the skate park.

- Upcoming activities for the remainder of summer and beyond.

- An overview of what Kentville has to offer to potential residents.


Kentville Brand DNA PDF


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