March 2, 2020

011 - Jeremy Novak from The Valley Ghost Walks

 In Today’s episode, Sherri and Carrie are hosting Jeremy Novak (also known as Jerome The Grave Keeper) from The Valley Ghost Walks. He’s originally from Vancouver but has been in Wolfville for 18 years. The walks he hosts are history lessons given in a creative way, portraying people who previously contributed uniquely to the valley.

Jeremy organized his first walk in the winter of 2008 and the walks grew progressively with his shows. He attributes the success to the cast, as shows wouldn’t be as successful if not for them.

The shows usually last for a couple of hours and see an average of 7 ghosts portrayed by actors plus Jerome. This year, the usual shows start on the last Thursday of May and continue every Thursday until Halloween, with a few special shows on Fridays and Saturdays.

Sherri, Carrie, and Jeremy share with us how they moved from their hometowns to the Valley and how attached to it they’ve grown. They talk about how they started, what they’ve done before, and how Sherri and Carrie first met.

People can request custom, private ghost walks that vary in locations, styles, topics, and so on. Booking these tours can be done through the website. There is also a new Instagram account dedicated to custom tours tailored to every customer’s demands. People can explore the area and its surroundings while doing many interesting activities such as eagle watching.

For bookings and more info, check out the websites and social media:





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